Photo and Video

Padgitt's is the oldest and most reliable dealer in photographic equipment in Central Texas. We take pride in the quality and dependability of our merchandise and customer service.

The years of training and experience of our sales representatives in the photographic department at Padgitt's allows us to excel as a dealer of photographic products and customer service.

We work to ensure our customers receive the best equipment for their specific needs, and provide in-store training and information to achieve optimal performance.


    • Drive-Through Film Drop Off & Pick-Up
    • Professional Film Processing Lab
    • Online and In-Store Self-Serve Digital Prints
    • In-House Poster Prints
    • Photo Enhancements and Restoration
    • Enlargements and Reprints
    • Photobooks (Next Day Service)
      • $19.99 (10 pages)
      • $25.99 (20 pages)
    • Monthly Photo Calendar (Next Day Service)
      • $12.99



    Padgitt's offers a full array of photographic services:

    • Drive-Through Film Drop Off and Pick Up
    • Processed Rolls to CD - 3 Resolutions
      • 512 x 768
      • 1024 x 1536
      • 2048 x 3072
    • Enlargements -Matte, Glossy, & Lustre
    • Reprints
    • Enhancements & Restoration
    • Custom Print Packages
    • Greeting Cards
    • In-House Poster Prints

    Film Processing

    Padgitt's is a Kodak Image Center Solutions retailer. This prestigious designation is awarded only to certain retailers who pledge to use high-quality Kodak papers, who offer Certified Advanced Photo System processing, and meet other standards in their on-site photo processing and product offerings. Quality of printmaking, chemical processes used, and the store itself are all considered when awarding this designation.

    Our professional lab can process:

    • Standard film - 35mm & 120mm
    • 4x6 on Matte, Glossy, and Lustre surfaces
    • 4x11 Panoramic
    • Black & White
    • APS

    White borders are available on all print sizes.

    Photo Restoration

    Padgitt's photo specialists can restore old photographs. Come in or send us a scan of your image for a price quote.

    Digital Prints

    Many people find that the output of their ink-jet printer leaves much to be desired when printing their own photographs at home. The color is not always true, and the finish is not professional like chemical-process developing. Padgitt's provides several solutions for getting the quality prints you desire.

    In-Store Self-Serve

    Noritsu CT-RS Digital Camera Terminal

    The Noritsu CT-SL Digital Camera terminal is faster and offers cropping and color correction before your prints are downloaded to our Mini-Lab. It accepts all kinds of media, including Sony Memory Stick or Memory Stick Duo, Compact Flash, SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, XD, Smartmedia, IBM Microdives, USB Jumpdrives, CD's, and picture DVD's. It's easy to use, but we will gladly walk you through the process.

    Kodak G4 Copy Print Station

    This machine allows you to crop, edit, and print using digital media or straight from another picture. It's fun and easy to use, and we will be happy to show you how!


    • Cameras
    • Camcorders
    • Lenses
    • Filters
    • Lighting
    • Camera bags
    • Memory sticks
    • Flash cards
    • Accessories
    • Darkroom supplies
    • Printers
    • Film


Repair Services

    Padgitt's does not do in-house camera repair service. We will be glad to provide you with the contact information for the appropriate camera repair center.